My May Slogans …

Donald & Kim: We will meet – we don´t – we will meet – we don´t – we will meet …. Trumps exit from the nuclear agreement with IranOutbreak of violence in near EastBelgrad turns into new hotspot for start up´sWinterkorn threatens the ruin The wedding of the year: Harry & Meghan – Fights in Israell – War in Syria – Trumps punitive tariffs also for europeUS superpower without scruples – American writer Philip Roth died – Italy has populist governmentEuropean Data Protection Regulation – no word of the year! – Real Madrid wins Chamions League again – Tehran´s trauma – Merkel meets Putin – Macron meets Trump – Macron meets Zuckerberg – Macron wants to rescue not only europe rather the world – Smarter then any human: Artificial intelligence! – Underdog Eintracht Frankfurt wins European Soccer ChampionshipWill Italy blow up the monetary union in europe?Irish vote against abortion ban!Shock: Zinedine Zidane leaves real Madrid! – Money, engines, #MeToo – Formula 1 & Monaco

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