#Myfavouritemusic in the 2nd quarter of 2018


  • April“Everthing now” – Arcade Fire Everything now
    (I was at their concert and it was AMAZING!! I have to be honest: I bought the tickets before I had heard their new album. After I got it I kind of felt not so sure if I would like the concert as the music was so different to let´s say their album “Suburbs”, so much electric sound. One very rainy weekend I decided to try to get used to the music. So I took the lyrics out, put the music and and read the lyrics whilst listening ….. I really got deep into it and after a couple of hours: I loved the new CD!! Nearly every song, if you´re curious which I liked the most here my list: song no 1 &2, no 4, 6, 11, 12 and 13 are my favourites. I can really recommend to read the lyrics!So in the live concert then I was fascinated by the different setup of the stage right in the middle of the concert place rather then at the end. And the light technic does also fit perfect to the various songs! So this concert is now high up on my best concert list! And I really, really love the song “Everything now”, cant get it out f my head!! It´s suits so perfectly to my current mindset: I want everything now” 🙂

    (And I promise I will mention more songs before the end of this year in my blog …)
  • May – This month I have tow recommendations as I went to two concerts in May both really nice but not as large scale as the other two concerts I went to. My first song  is from Gaby Moreno – Nobody to love and the second one is from Albert Hammond (Cant believe is is still on tour!!)  It never rains in California.
    Gaby Moreno
    was really great Jazz, Soul, Folk … Spanish, English, Really great voice!

    Albert Hammond was a “feel good” evening! The songs and the music is really unforgetable however we have them all in our ears performed from very good singer …. and his voice is far from powerful. So it was a good evening, impressive that he is still on stage performing for 2 hours with no break but that´s it.


  • June – Nickelback Feed the machine 

    My final concert for this year so far! I went to Nickelback! First time 🙂 I lot´s of girls are going to their concert which is surprising as I thought´s it´s a rock band! As always I had prepared myself learned the lyrics and had a list of my favourites songs of the new album. The da came and it was a hot hot evening, after the very bad support band it started of with the song mentioned above: Feed the machine! A very great and powerful start! But that was it for quite a while with songs from the new CD. I was waiting for my favourite song “After the rain” but it didnt come and didnt come. After two hours it was over and I had to check the set list the next morning. Only two songs from the new CD where played. 80% of the songs from the concert had been on their Best of albmum from 2012 already! So if people had expected (as the tour is called Feed the machine) to hear the new songs then they would have been disapointed. Like kind of me … I never had been so for me I heard the songs live the first time but I must say it would have been more fair to call the tour “Best of” …
    So I can´t link here to my really favourite song “After the Rain” from Nickeback 2018 but “Feed the machine” is at least second or third best! Let me finish my concert review with the title of the final song: “Burn it to the ground”  … and forget the concert! The next tour will come for sure and this time I am checking first the setlist before I buy tickets.

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