My August slogans …

We made Siemens great again – “Crash” – Adam Tooze – Summer, Sun, Draught – The intoxicating rise of Apple – The big scandal about the Little Prince – Modernize until the return comes – Nelson Mandelas 100th Birthday stamps: Diplomatic double motive – Meg Ryan: I just wanted to get out of this business! – Lost in Transit – The deep fall of an reformer: Erdogan – The oil will running out – Why Tesla should not be listed at stock exchange – Always full – Jan Ullrich – Walking meetings – Bullshit Jobs – Who can stop the Lira-crash? – At home at the city area – Franziskus in the irish wind – Populists under palm trees – Elon Musk – A crazy guy! – Alibaba makes the cahs unnecessary – More dangerous then Watergate

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