My October #News snapshots …

– Very serious hacker attack on FacebookAlexander Gerst on the ISS “Every hour and a half you see another sunrise!”Ralph Lauren celebrates 50th anniversary of his brandStop plastic!Earthquake & Tsunami in SulawesiHow to hinder Chaos-Brexit? – New star on Wall Street: Stephanie Cohen, Chief Strategist at Goldman Sachs – Volkswagen goes SeattleHi, I am Ola. New boss at Daimler from Sweden – Hamilton floats – Vettel sticks! – American Tommy Caldwell has pushed the boundaries in his sport1 year #MeToo: what has changed?Microsoft is cool again – What to do with my diesel? – Climate protection? Yes, but …. – Don´t eat anything that pulls your mind down! – There is a life after the smartphone – Venezuela´s misery – Crash? – America wants to cancel an important disarmament contract – Money spoils the charakterThe rebirth of Freddie Mercury: Bohemian Rhapsody – “Italy´s debt worries me!” – That´s how the dollar rules the world – Collectors are happier people –

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