My January press snapshots …

- More than 100 people´s accounts had been hacked -Living in a city will become even mor expensive - Famous game fore kids: Minecraft - Fight for the power in Venezuela - Framing: Disguise and defame - How the choice of certain words shapes the atmospäre in an society - Could man and women just be friends? - I hope I never get conceited (Viggo Mortensen): Green Book - Do we have to be afraid of google? - Millionaires are looking for happiness - Gillette: Radical shaving for machos - The Ayes have it, the Ayyyeees have it! John Bercow - Brexit, exit .... - The world is not that bad! There are good messages but we want believe them! - Call me "Daddy"! - Juul: new drug for teenager - Chaos in London: Brexit gets annoying - Because rich man gets everyone: Jeff Bezoz - Bjorn Lomborg: So you do not save the world! - Spy here and spy there - Searching for clues in the maze of hackers and youtube - ZAZ: You have to take your own hand - Only in our dreams we are free! - I started to be afraid of my drinking - Women: Stop working part time! - Italy lost it´s money - How bad is the situation for Apple? - 

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