My February press snapshots …

“The Instagram politician – Social Media flushed a young woman into the Capitol – Huawei, Huawei and Huawei: The mistrust is great! – Manager in beaty mania: Men discover that beautiful people are more successful – North pole and back – America is not planning an arms race – It´s nice in Europe …. ! – Tomi Ungerer: The man with a heart, the man with pain – The big fear of the yellow west – Facebook: The value of the data – What´s going on in London? – Wirecards crash! – Wikipedia outdated? – Merkels rejects Trumps ideas – Moldau: The billion is gone – Goodbye A380! – Adam Grant: With magic to success – Goldman Sachs: It all started 150 years ago in Trappstadt – Even a bear has a hard time – Climate Change – North Korea wants to stay nuclear – The day Karl Lagerfeld died – Jeff Bezos: Still popular in America? – W-LAN To Go”

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