My May press snapshots …

Europe chooses – Trump´s secrets – Strache and the Ibiza video …. – May goes, the problems remain – When the blood builds up – Take care of me! People do not want to have that much responsibility anymore, they prefer to leave it to companies or the stateEurope chooses – Goodbye Dieter Zetsche – Brussels – The loyal customer is the stupid one – Luck in the stock market – Kurz ends coalition with the FPÖ – He wants to fear them – Women of a certain age (40) – Does nothing work in life? – To rescue bees needs to be learned – Heinz Schimmelbusch: My second life started with the age of 50! – I am like a women´s magazine, Cathy Hummels – Tattoos – Diary of life! – Do we have to be afraid of China, Mr Wu? – The Theology of the Silicon Valley – Is Warren Buffett really a good investor? – Uber: IPO of the year!

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