My June press snapshots …

Turbo for climate protection - The completely crazy Johnson clan - sighing in yearning: Goethe and Italy - coffee gossip instead of power play - what am I allowed to actually? - And if you could just eat the packaging? - How dubious is it in Austria? - A seed opens! - The End of an Epoch: Mario Draghi - Musicians on the Run - Facebook's Attack on the Financial World - You'll Never Have to Go Back! - YouTube: the upcoming culture! - Agricultural politic needs the Greta effect! - Where the staff sets the trend: Clubs and Bars - The fear of robots - Relax! - How do I become a climate savior? - From the madhouse: the Brexit! - No one under this number - Now it goes down - The end of the cultivated dialogue? - China's big gambler House - Video killed the radio star - Our fucking future!

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