My July press clips …

When the stress subsides – Bonjour Europe! – Google, the ECB and us – Climate emergency everywhere – Idris Elba: I’m 46 and live the dream of a teenager – Does the heat make us hysterical? – May it be some ink? – The high art of posing – Von der Leyen: Brussels, Burgdorf, Berlin, Brussels – Escalation on the Gulf – The car is out! – How Rohani lost his key – Hey, you millennials, food is ready! – What should we do in Europe? – “I accepted it as normal to be a victim.” – Hipster, off to the countryside! – How should you live your life? – Who’s inside is in there! – Nietzsche rules in Silicon Valley – In the harbor of Europe! Where does the name Rackete actually come from? – Success is dangerous!

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