My last press clips 2019 – December

The power of youth – Do we remember politics? – Beijing’s Fears – A date at McDonalds does it, ok? – Help, the car is gone! – What is the company good for? – Greta would have to drive diesel – The crazy business with influencers – Who helps the climate – How do you want to fail? – This is how it works with the gifts – I can’t, there isn’t – No fear of China – Our cheap food – From Wall Street to the White House – Where is the interest now? – Strikes all over France – “Many egotists are growing up now” – To be a man once, please! – Hey boss, do something for me! – Hope for trade peace – You have to work out envy, you get pity – Mistrust is good – Two Female friends for the climate – Boris the gentle, “A crisis of a new dimension is possible“ – Fully analogous, ey! – Attention, the banks are cashing right now – Football as a willing seducer

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