#MyMusic in October, November & December

My year finished off with a couple of great concerts! Straight after Herbert in September I went to two more concerts in November and December. But let’s start with October first ….

October I came across an album „Whooh Dong“ from the musician „Daniel Norgren“ and the lyrics just caught me. So I pick the song „The day that’s just begun“ as the one for October https://youtu.be/DRn5TEQdeDg

November was the month with my concert visit of Welshly Arms last concert in Europe on the current tour. My favorite song was afterwards an slightly older song from 2015 called Dirty Work https://youtu.be/F2tYo0Typec

And in December I went to Lyambiko. She has sung her favorite Christmas songs at the concert best fitted to the Christmas season. So that was my special song from that concert and a great conformity for Christmas …. https://youtu.be/CWKaegathk0

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