My first press Review in 2020 – January

What will the twenties be like? – Pack now for the new year – The minds of 2020 – New year new happiness – White man thinks he’s right – Hot, hotter Singapore – Salvini and the sardines – First corona diseases in Europe – How Bombay became Mumbai in the atlas – Hot couture! – We were going round in the roundabout – Money or love – 7 messages from Davos – Then comes the tax war – Is the Dax really that good? – London becomes a risk for us – Among strong men – Consultants cannot do magic – We make the Meghan – Everthing eco! – The boss must have no friends – Bet that Wirecard … – Are ETFs dangerous? – How about shopping shame? – “We don’t have to be superheroes, we’re all super enough!” – If you have a hip, you have to wiggle – Monsieur Ghosn’s wild life – Are we a couple now? – Fear, anger, inability – The bush is burning, and what is the prime minister doing? – You have to show respect! – Missing the feeling that you never had, but with which you had planned your whole life … – Investing money endangers your health

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