My April press snapshots …

An app against the pandemic – The climax is yet to come – “What Taiwan does, feels right.” – How does the curve flatten? – In the quarantine state – Do we just need luxury? – Squats, rope jumping, chop onions – The rich and the virus – Math and German at the kitchen table – Who delivers the masks now? – We don’t last forever – What does the crisis do to our heads? – So we are now saving our companies – “Every life counts” – Self-employed in need – The suffering of the elderly – “Life will blossom again” – 40 days in quarantine – direction EXIT – Hour of the Serious – “Way with the laptop on the table!” – Order books full, sales drop 90% – Hope and wait – This purchase was only intended for you – Hunger for life – Stress trap Home Office – The Corona Crash – Masks are becoming scarce – Wild animals and wild theories – Data against life – Do you speak Corona? – Undisciplined happiness – Was it now with globalization? – No manager has to earn more than 10 million – Soon there will be discounts – Luxury affair among star investors – What theory can still do – Living with Corona – Just virologists – Overwhelmed WHO – Covid 19 survived – and now? – Contactless kitchen – Who is now bearing the debt burden? – Before the collapse

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