My June press snapshots …

America in turmoil – the thing with the well-being – Corona? Oh no, without me! – Royal style? – The dark side of the corruption hunt – Not much helps – “Whoever is afraid of corona should fly.” – A question of credibility – Corona cases now in Beijing – When the sun is luring – Africa’s suffering with Corona – Where the journey can go … – Always in trouble with sustainability – “We won’t fly to America anytime soon” – The Hunt for the Vaccine – Falling Heroes – What Kant Believed to Know – A New Wilhelminian Period – “Goodbye, You Jogging Pants!” – The late liberation of Uncle Ben – OIL – EXCHANGE – Wirecard – The house of cards – “I want my money back!” – The virus offers new investment opportunities – Summer is here! – Behind the mask – A country goes camping – Facebook checks politicians – You are so blatant! – State-approved whisperers – Fear of annexation – How many masks do you already have? – How Corona stops time and shakes capitalism – Bitter days for Airbus – It’s never too late for a great career – Cheers to the speculators – Enjoy the summer! – Wirecard: bankruptcy, breakdown and failure – The emerging fiasco – What is really important!

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