My August press snapshot

Face masks more and more unpopular – Wirecard and the spies – Left liberal – Being human costs – “We want to forego” – Desperately wanted freedom – Register, hire, go – Attack on Tiktok – Crazy about gold – Learning in times of the pandemic – Do nothing and talk about it – A summer of displeasure – Monetary distance – Travel canceled – Heat, bulkheads tight, storm – The dangerous shortcut to vaccine – The model who did not want to become a model – Zoom (is not a) solution – The psychology of crisis relief – Where can we still go on vacation? – “Buffett loves to be loved” – An answer to the hatred – “We are the majority!” – Worries grow best – “Freedom comes from within.” – The Navalnyi case – “Old? I know, man!” – We are all relationship animals – “It’s also cool to do something on your own” – This autumn will be exhausting for us – Now only confusion helps

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