My October press snapshots …

Vaccination for Millions – Trump & the Virus – In emergency mode – Vaccination doesn’t go fast – What students miss – How Corona robs us of chance – The power of banks – Why managers have to lie – K-Pop conquers the stock market – Save taxes like Donald T. – Just no lockdown – On the way to becoming an eco-superpower – Help, I’m a fictional character! – The phantom of fashion – artists and waiters are systemically relevant! The decline of San Francisco – The year of the owl – “You have to lie to yourself” – What the bodies tell – Who sows anger … – Then I am probably a total write – “I was fed up with the job” – The fear is great – The freedom goes, the money stays – Biontech has what it takes to become a popular stock – We have to do without a lot – Joe Normal – Significantly more depressive symptoms – The virus loves freedom – How rich are you really? – It doesn’t always have to be Tesla – Are there speaking bans? – That can make you feel astonished

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