My November press snapshots …

The fight against the second wave – Cannot be done! – The masters of the universe – A Trump fan explains himself – “It left its mark” – “I was a cheeky child” – Should we trust despite the rumors? – Be more gracious to you! – RIP: The polite Mister Connery! – How long will the money last? – Did Donald deliver? – Better masked in the winter – Google has to abide by our rules too – Don’t be afraid! – “The big end is still to come!” – Joe Biden declared election winner – Trumpism is alive – Zooming is not the same – Keep living – Brake on fun? – Lockdown light – The stock market is the winner – A minute’s silence is not enough – Corona and love – Who asks wins! – Our somehow eco-consciousness – The billionaires behind the vaccine – The big Obama business – Capitalism doesn’t need a culture – Docker’s comfortable boots – Knowledge can take away fears – What remains of the Wirecard fraud – The diva without a face – Christmas in the Pandemic – “It is important to get up!” – Of mice and morals – Does the state really have to save everything? – Klarna makes payment easy – RIP Maradonna: Ascension & Fall of Hell – What do you think?

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