My December press snapshots …

The Corona year – “Dispute is normal!” – Who can, can – “My family does what nobody else does” – Faster, higher, Covid! – Lockdown should become harder – The comeback of telephoning – The man from the remote control: Teamviewer – Package madness – Composed with the body: Beethoven – Festival of love and distance – The syringes of others – Five free lives – There is always something to do do – What we miss – The charm of renunciation – Let’s delete the word “advancement of women”! – How deep is the trench? – Time for something new – The vaccination begins – Brexit-contract here! – Mister Brexit and Mrs No – “We have to be more active” – ​​Pandemics have no morals – Saving the honor for capitalism – Is decency paying off? – Happy Birthday, Nutella! – “In summer we have our lives back!” – Green electricity instead of oil rig – Women make companies better – Everything eco, or what? – Lessons From A Broken Heart – You Are Good Enough!

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