First press snapshot´s in 2021

Then let’s go, 2021! – Rules of the game – Money, posts and Huawei – “I like what I have become” – Hell has to be a waiting loop – Books of life – “I can hold out more and more” – Vaccination is the only chance – Secrets of the superstars – Sustainability is more than just climate protection – The visionary from the Arctic Circle – What everyone should know about Brexit – The best for the dog! – How we talk when we talk about food – The presumptuous self – America in shards – Twitter locks Trump permanently – “The struggle for the right amount is exhausting” – I also like men as people – Playing through the lockdown – Incidence – When consoling calories – New era for Silicon Valley – A path to nowhere – Letters to a happy time – The strengths of calm bosses – For a long time – About life without travel – Mission reconciliation – Self-care is important – The rebels – Europe Attack on PayPal too late – Beware of the trendy ETF! – And the mother cooks forever – Vaccinating instead of scolding – Do I really want to know? – Suddenly provocateur – Gamestop: The uprising against Wall Street – Just calm down …

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