February press snapshot …

Because I’m worth it! – Draghi should fix it – How Corona shapes us for life – The five great deeds of Mr. Amazon – Goodbye, Joe Kaeser – Stock market revolt: Gamestop – The power of the masses – Earning money with America’s climate values ​​- Olympia? Only with vaccination! – A question of fairness – Don’t move! – Holidays from the tin – A virus goes around the world – The mutants, the mutants … – The largest propaganda show in the world – Always smiling can also be exhausting – From the rack to the bin – Not climate-neutral – The little dinner served somewhere else – “People have to know what happens next” – The next bottleneck – Delivered – Plan C – “Boredom in lockdown makes you tired!” – “There is no such thing as normal” – Resilience is the wrong answer – “The boss mustn’t have friends” – Vaccinations should be rewarded – “There is no justice” – Opportunity for those who don’t like cooking – Important for parents: stay calm! – The old people make too much money – The new fear of inflation – And that’s supposed to be a burger? – Lonely together – In the digital Kindergarden – Out into the green – Only the disco ball is still turning!

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