March Press snapshots …

Hope for vacation – “Some don’t want a realistic plan” – The necessary farewell to the mother – Loss of contact – Against time – Competition to open – “Bla … bla … bla …” – Who is rich? – The bet on the next vacation – Why scoundrels are so seldom noticed on the stock market – “What has ruined us?” – Doing nothing live: Bigo – Suspicion and prejudice – Everything is completely legal – In the crisis – Is Meghan really a victim? – “Treat yourself to the maximum!” – “My husband has surrounded me” – “We have to be careful” – Greensill’s biggest victim – Will the price bubble burst soon? – For the conference marathon – Pi and her sisters – Always trouble with Astra Zeneca – “Many are simply disappointed!” – Biden’s Crisis on the Border – Cinemas: Die Hard! – “Be careful if you contradict the boss.” – We have held onto the old world for too long – “Asceticism and pleasure belong together” – In the land of great distrust – Risky balancing acts – “The emptiness, life” – The price of truth – “Love, the virus and me” – Are the golden times returning? – Stripe: The young millionaires from the provinces – “What’s wrong” – “Be extravagant, against the norm and loud! – Life after the pandemic” – Letters to the readers – The stream is the author – Time will come – The big break is canceled

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