April press snapshots …

The world in the waiting room – “The next crises will come!” – “How do I structure myself?” – Fear your neighbor! – “What do you have to lose as a young person?” – The car subscription is the big trend – God and greed – Mister Speed ​​- The new heroes and the power – They are tough, resistant and unfortunately poor – “Always get up!” – Decay in Fontane Land – Sale !! – What kind of garden person are you? – Walk the world! – At the stove instead of in the lecture hall – The world belongs to the beautiful – Ugly Lives Matter – Goodbye, HRH – Always circling your hips – Are you still vaccinating or are you already traveling? – Attack of the wretched citizens – Howl! – “You there! You should be ashamed of yourself!” – “Our customers want electric cars” – “Ignore the stock exchange prices!” – The fight for the EM – Whom the curfew strikes – “With dialogue and toughness” – The billion dollar fun – Super League? – The Dawn Of Twitter Sociology – When Is The Best Time In Life?

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