May press snapshots …

Everything that makes you happy is gone! – Italy’s fight against sea rescuers – “I am trying to be myself” – Ventilate once – Currently not available – No money for women – The purpose before victory – Natural is key, of course – When will digital socialism come? – What is the goal? – What can influencers allow themselves? – Grown up to be the boss – Out of necessity becomes courage – Corona hits the poor right now – An overdose of the future – “What about us?” – A divorce for everyone – A girl with a brain – Egomaniacs, psychopaths and good bosses – The coolest investors in the world – Hot and trendy – Adventure on the rocks – Finally live again! – Contactless handover – Europe, how are you? – “Start moderately” – It starts again! – The rise of the pea – Inflation is alive – Soon we will go on vacation – Let’s talk to each other – Pictures of a collapse – Starved by the pandemic – Why are we so pessimistic? – The emancipation of Mrs. Gates – “Much less room for error” – The great language confusion – Heavy listening – In the realm of mutants – Only this wave counts – What remains of the human being – My moment! – “You have to wear a dress at least thirty times” – “Many will find it difficult to take a step” – Big is good – The misunderstood – I’m from another time – The know-it-alls – Think for yourself instead of letting you think – Cook times – Like a bad dream – Show us what is! – Summer sun is welcome

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