June press snapshots …

Pandemic makes you fat – Criticism of the European Football Championship in Corona times – Travel booked out quickly – “The summer is being relaxed” – You are not satisfied – The emptiness of a long war – Australia sealed off until 2022 – “Every third person ate out of stress” – On the siding – Leadership on the test bench – “The desire to travel is enormous – all over the world!” – My fund should become greener – “Madness has a system” – When language becomes a weapon – “I get bored quickly” – The problem with the appropriate distance – Power and control – That is the way – The art of compromise – The different view of the world – Dangerous cyber attacks are increasing – “The intellectual is reluctant to make decisions” – “Whose turn is it to pay?” – Between biscuits and french fries – What has thrown the chip industry out of sync – Where has the wisdom gone? – Return of inflation – The visionary has a hard time – Fit again after the lockdown – “Nobody wants a poser” – “The euphoria scares me” – Bitcoin has it all – “We are so scared” – A place to Amazement – When the world became personal – Immersed in life with skin and hair – Forward and quickly forgotten – After summer comes Corona – Everyone is a brand – The unleashed price of gasoline – Fight for money – The adventurer – “Unmatched in hypocrisy” – The cinema is back! – Didn’t you finish reading Proust either? – The end of the rainbow – Room for a new beginning – On the safe side – City, Countryside, Love – The secret power of summer – “That is exactly what shouldn’t happen” – Love at the last sight

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