July press snapshots …

Corona lessons – In the endless loop of memories – The strange job market – Every third résumé is fudged – Raw materials beat everything – Before, after, in the middle – Please (don’t) touch me! – Our planetary network – The spy searchs with you – For a little more aloa – The vacation is safe! – On the open road … – The will to power – Suddenly angry! – Vaccine stimulus – The simulation of individuality – Search for meaning – Of the equality of the moment – Where does space begin? – Heavy rain will be even more extreme in the future – After the flood – Already tired before it starts! – “BTS? Don’t you know?” – “Listen to your inner voice!” – The power of the monopolies – “Utopias don’t get us any further!” – Who will save the private investors? – Best time of your life? – Yesterday was already today? – No brains, but clever – “Was that really a good idea?” – New number, new luck – Big in Japan – Prepared for any weather? – Still Tokyo! – A break with reality – Why are these guys like this? – The stuff dreams are made of

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