August press snapshots …

Now look forward to it! – Do we have anything else to say to each other? – “I never wanted to sacrifice my private life!” – “For us, nature is the best delicatessen” – What exactly is wrong with us? – This strange feeling – Less is difficult – “We may have to allow small crises” – The man with the money – Dr. Oetker is getting divorced – Amazon’s mighty opponent – The other side of the coin – The light is the air of time – Thinking the future – Step by step for an espresso – Suffering of passion – Where does envy come from? – “You will be placed!” – Emptiness instead of love – Number two – “What are we married for?” – “Richard Wagner was more radical than Karl Marx” – Is Mao still dead? – New Kid on the Block – This is how you really collect money – Wondrous crypto art – Just look the wilderness in the eye – After a standstill – Planet in danger – The climate and its price – I remain loyal to you! – The insatiable thirst for coffee – Resistance by taking part – All in the head – Playing with hope – Fear is also contagious – There is also attitude in entertainment – Snacking in the open air – “Men are much more vain today” – Was there something? – The big failure! – Strange weather – The rules have changed – Under good stars – Sorting out with a clear conscience – A park of processors – Good guests – The debacle of the West – Long live the office! – GREED – Say it with pictures – It was the gardener!

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