September press snapshots …

An extreme isolated case – Suddenly you are a hateful figure – Just shoot a video – When it beeps, whizzes and buzzes – Think bigger, live smaller – Winter doesn’t have to be expensive – “A billion dollars for a picture” – “Something is always lost “- We need a new deal! – In thunderstorms of light – The burden of expectations – Sun, beach and bargains – Monitored through the night – New energy for lightning – Read and let people read – Strawberries in winter? – Something for everyone! – If not us, who will? – Eating without regrets – It feels right – “It will be an exhausting autumn” – A woman who will be remembered – Show me your supply chain – Stock exchange instead of trees – Is a financial crisis beginning in China? – Stupidity may be defeatable after all – Surreal life – The great freedom without a car – People want to be left alone – One of them will do it! – Stars for 217 minutes – When the sixth sense fails – The return of the wheeled suitcase – If you have, you will be given – Jackpot – Feel-good atmosphere – in thin air – “Finally something is going again!” – Invitation to a shopping spree – Where’s the action? – “What we were wrong about …” – Thrills on the ocean – Up to change – Virus hunt in the sewage treatment plant – “It would not have been possible without me.”

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