November press snapshots …

“I can make others shine very well” – Boycott of the Winter Games – In the mutations shock – “I’m already a nerd” – This new father feeling – Which gift should it be? – “Not for me, thank you!” – “It touches me!” – Headless into the vaccination disaster – In search of meaning – “They call it freedom” – The sound of the “No” – Indescribably feminine – The risk state – The worry about the blackout – “Why do you have time to doubt me?” – “You see yourself as a team!” – Dear family! – The return of dividends – “We live in extremes” – “Control us!” – “I fool everyone” – We believe in the numbers that rule us – Shattered dreams – “Dad, I’ll cook something for you” – Lost strength – Who can solve the climate puzzle – “We are tired of empty promises” – It’s going to be a hard winter – Abysses – “What was it called?” – Is there enough money to govern? – “Fast, cheap, and risky” – A house as a gift – Control is really bad – Growing chaos – Let’s count grains of sand – Discouragement or liberation – Trapped in the Google network – Hip, hip village – Bamboo instead of plastic? – “Can you trust me?” – Do I have to want that? – Welcome to the climate club – The decision-makers – I want to stay where I’ve never been – How to fight for an “I” – Hip-Hop as a life hack – No joke is harder than reality – Can it be a little difficult? – Don’t talk! – Shimmering peaks – Not seen for a long time – Superior head images

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