December press snapshots …

“Behind the laughter was the insecurity of men” – Overrun – The trend is towards the hot heart – With us or against us! – Sometime it has to get better – “Many have got used to online shopping” – “We corona narcissists” – Summer was good – A year of saying goodbye – Number one topic of conversation – What do you know about 2021? – “Satisfaction is standing still” – No departure under this number – Waiting for the miracle cure – “We have lost patience with each other!” – Promised too much? – “They all gambled away!” – Drama about Evergrande – The madness with the deliveries – “The next recession comes earlier than expected” – “Free time I mean” – Quite a challenge – Everything under control? – What’s left of travel plans? – Houses with a message – The flight of the butterfly – The Holy Family and us – And then back to the bakery tomorrow? – The solution to the riddle – “Our body is a miracle” – Order and chaos, please! – Music to my ears – “You can trust me!” – Tall fir trees show the stars – The hottest topic of winter – Stand up to the bubbly – The night is there for sin – Restless ball – A bit of punk is allowed – Our moments! – The old promises of the new Internet – “My salary, yours salary”- A touch of fir or marzipan – Please laugh! – Are you lucky enough to have no options? – Get off the sofa, into art – Every year again? – What are you looking forward to in 2022?

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