2022 – January press snapshot

I want to stay where I’ve never been – How to fight for an “I” – Hip-Hop as a life hack – No joke is harder than reality – Can it be a little hard? – Don’t babble! – Dazzling Peaks – Long time no see – Inflation is back! – Europe’s last resort – Beginning and end of a reluctance – The next year of crisis? – The easy seduction – You get rid of the prince and ride yourself – “In crises you have to ask yourself, what can I change, what not?” – The hot game with a lot of money – Allowed to show weakness! – Heart on ice – Lost profile – The drama of the beautiful feminist – “My life as Boyle” – Servus, service! – “What is there to laugh about?” – More beautiful, brighter, steeper – Rays of light on gray days – The end of abstinence – New year, new hope? – Maybe everything will go well – “I missed a lot!” – Follow your own dreams – Can confidence be learned? – What prevents women from having a career? – Take a close look at index funds! – “It’s all about the heart, the soul” – The danger of coincidence – The missed moment – The realm of the stars – Hear the signals – “As you hear, you see nothing” – “Beware, investors!” – 2045? – Psst! – Hoping until the end – Everything on battery – Stress with the electricity – That’s how turbulent the crypto market is – “Every word is worth the same” – Unhappy slam – “Can you stand silence?” – “There is no more money!” – Why so strict? – Customers unwanted – “You often have to improvise” – Automate your own job – Insulin: A miracle turns 100! – Why you can’t just let it be – Democracy makes people taller – “My Insta-Gram” – “I question everything” – The game of closeness and distance – The man who kidnapped us – Movement in the home office – “There I have to go through!” – Bargain hunting – Precious heralds of spring: snowdrops!

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