2022 – February Press snapshots …

“You’ll have it better without me” – “Laughter is now the best medicine” – “I always know: I have to be careful!” – “Clothes are disposable today” – Everything is right now – Can you stop the aging of the body? – The big chip bet – Supply chain praise – Suddenly an entrepreneur – “It’s important to feel how a house feels” – Bitcoin, the big disappointment? – “Real life happens somewhere else” – “You have to surprise yourself” – The tired future – The power of excuses – The logic of inequality – The universal myth – In a state of limbo – Working with Omikron – Separation? Priceless! – Until Spring Comes – At Equal Pace – The Neverending Pandemic – “It Feels Like It Was Yesterday” – Pandemic? Without us! – “Our dream was always there!” – In the Danger Zone – Heart Full of Cracks – Unequal Vision – How the Music Moves – In the Manager Trap – The Art of Complaint – Everyone Fends For Himself – SpaceX in a Solar Storm – “We need to be more empathetic to people” – ” May I hug you?” – “Yes, I’ll call you back!” – Order pizza. Netflix on. Enough! – “Now don’t do anything wrong!” – Everything is getting more expensive – “And in reality you have nothing but fear!” – The best is yet to come – “Yes, I was good!” – The darkest day – Final bid in the power game – Time, that is a strange thing – The price of war, the price of peace – Unimaginable! – “I always seek the simple satisfaction of my childhood!” – The caesura – “I face my fears” – Felt truths – What will be normal in the future? – Networks for everyone – Lift or walk? – Please don’t ring! – The world is upside down – “There were also a lot of positive things”

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