Chinese now have to rein in their president - The populism of fashion - Tower of Warsaw - Orban under pressure - Brexit or not - Deal or no Deal - Voting, Voting, Voting - NO, NO, NO, NO, NO .... - International Women´s Day - Fear of the WWF - Purpose, Purpose, Purpose - Companies are searching for the purpose - Mario Draghi extending the zero interest phase - How much is Europe worth? - Greta Thunberg: Safe planet earth - Shock! Terror attack in New Zealand - Is greed a sin? - What am I allowed to do in the net? - Muellers is report is released - Europes division - Greta, Hanna and Malala - The unfair fight for Istanbul - For the clicks and the honor

People 2018: Sheryl Sandberg, Mario Draghi, Ola Källenius, Theresa May, Alexander von Humboldt
The gut feeling of the President - Trump wants to get out of Syria
Christmas is coming again
Mom, I am not a child anymore
Can we learn empathy?
Should performance really pay off?
It depends on the women!
The real reasons of Italy´s dilemma
What´s up with the fashion?
A man, a beard!
Manager of the Year: Adidas boss Kasper Rorsted and Wirecard boss Markus Braun
Pretty Boy - Justin Trudeau
Terror attack in Strasbourg
Climate Change conference
Each talent is a potential future Super Star
A sad year for the DAX
I never buy at Amazon? Really?
Revolutionaries on the Champs-Elysees
Do not wait for interest!
Does it have to go?
Mourning for George Bush

+++ Gibraltar dispute settled - Spain vote for Brexit contract +++ Protests against Macron are escalating +++ Black Friday +++ Showdown between China and America +++ Facebook are not loved anymore +++ The giants are stumbling - Apple, Amazon & Co +++ Financial poker with Brussels +++ What I love about me! +++ Devastating fire in California +++ Android or Apple? +++ Alexander Zverev beats Roger Federer in the final +++ Youtube incites the kids +++ Mobile payment is becoming popular +++ Prince Charles turns 70! The wide view of the things of life +++ Here is the bean dancing! Cupping classes ... +++ The end of the cigarettes is near! Philip Morris want to stop smoking +++ The revolt of the Googlers +++