Reflecting on 2017 …

So, only one day left and the year 2017 is over! I am kind of pleased about that and I look very much forward to the new year I must say. Not sure how you feel about the past year but mine has been pretty rough. I dont want to complain as I know that there are people who had a really shitty year but it has been tough. It started off perfectly alright as I got a bigger job with lots of responsibilities, I met a guy – a journalist, I had a great trip to the other end of the world to Chile & Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego and I thought this is finally the year of change and turn but then my life got turned upside down. Due to internal restructuring in the department I work in my team was supposed to be wripped apart and I got told in a nutshell “Thank you very much for all your hard work and your effort, but we don´t need you anymore!”. It hit me so much as a surprise that my body felt into a shock mode and I really had a very hard time healthwise. Oh, the story with the journalist didnt work out – I will share the reasons later with you. It took till end of May till I recovered from the suspicous pain I was under and the inflamation in my body and I could start to think about alternative jobs and what I want to work. Interestingly I had lot´s of ideas outside of a corporate job I have worked in the past years. I couldn´t picture myself just to change the employer as I felt I would face the same situations, the same political games, the same not appreciative culture as I have had currently. In that situation I met in April again a guy I was seeing the year before who was in a similiar situation as me but already on gardening leave. He is a sales-men with a great sense of humour. We had lot´s of fun, spoke a lot about jobs, worklife, the balance in life and what´s important so that I made it over the summer as I was tasked to carry on with my job till end of August.My team and some of my colleagues helped my also through that time with little gestures, nice adventures and lot´s of laugh together. It was end of July when I found out that my team will not be fully wripped apart just only some of the responsibilities will move to other teams but main parts will stay together so that I was then asked to keep that job after I was taken around the house for four month. Can you imagine?! I had mentally self-contained from the job and the company and the four month haven´t been nice. I was hurt by some of the comments made and was disappointed from some of the people and managers behaviour. Well, as I need a job I decided to take some holidays in September and to see if I can work myself back into my job. In addition to my job-storyt there had been as always other smaller and bigger personal incidents which I am not mentioning here in detail but let me sum it up: it wasnt a smooth year! I have decided in that autumn holiday to realize some of my ideas and to see where this will take me. At least I am mentally inspired and refreshed and I can feel that some of my energy is coming back. So I AM looking forward to an exciting 2018!

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