Hilarious stories of my life no 1: Getting on a flight without a valid identity card

Actually I wanted to dedicate my next article to some of my thoughts and observations during my trip to Copenhagen but before that I HAVE to share with you what had happened before I EVEN got there.

So the day before i was going to Copenhagen was very busy, back to back meetings. I looked at my emails in between and saw an email with my boarding pass which made me worrying for a moment. Maybe someone had got my flight booking number and has used my identity? So in the next break I logged onto the airline side and looked at my booking, changed my seat printed my boarding pass. It was a long day, so Iwent home late, just had dinner, finished packing and went to bed. Next morning I got up, took the cab to the airport, dropped my luggage at the self service machine, passed security via the self service scanner and walked to the gate. I had my boarding pass and my identity card ready in my hands. Just some steps before the passport control the signs for my gate showed to turn right and go one level up and I followed them. On the escalator then I looked at my documents and thought by myself “07.03.2018 – that date is over!!” So I made it without any control of my identity to the gate! And it was really interesting what that thought made with me: I felt a bit nervous if I would get on the plane and then get out in Copenhagen. I could decide if I should ask the service staff or just give it a try. Also instead of being happy how easy it is to travel in Europe I thought about security. Everyone could have taken my boarding pass and could have got on the airplane or at least past security control …. Can you imagine??! There is so much effort around security at the airport and around travelling by air but this seems to be a big security breach.

To keep my story short: I mad it with the self scanning machine on the airplane, got of the plane and left the airport in Copenhagen without control. Time to enjoy my City trip!! Next question was, if this would work in the same way on my flight back. And yes: I got automatically checked in again, had to drop my luggage at the counter this time. However the guy there didnt want to see my ID Card, passed security control via scanner again and got on the airplane via scanner. So all good for me but left me with mixed feelings if I am honest.

Some side comments: I will never blame my best friend again who more often has some trouble with her paperwork!! (some other hilarous stories of my life). I dont know where I had my head the past couple of month so that I forgot to get a new identity card in time. To be fair: I do have a valid passport but as I didnt had to check in online I didnt realise that the id card was expired. Otherwise I could just have taken my passport with me and would have been a bit more relaxed.

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