Day 2 in Copenhagen: Will I find the hygge mood today?

On the next day I wanted to explore the city as a typical tourist. I took my camera and off I went after the breakfast. The sun was shining, it was very windy and cool but much better then the day before. As the weather forecast for the next days wasnt great I decided to go on a canal tour first. I got on at Nyhavn and used the opportunity to walk along these really nice houses first. Canals in a city are making a specal atmosphere thats for sure. Such a beautiful scenery!! (However the street is really crowded and busy same as the boat, so still noch hygge experience but I will continue to watch out for it … )


After the canal tour I had a short little break at Cafe Norden. I managed to collared a place at one of the windows ordered a sweet a dn good lokking rabsberry tartlet and a Cafe Latte und watch the people and I thought by myself: that moment come pretty close to cosy or let´s say it in danish to “hygge”!

After the short break I took the bus to get to Castle Amalienborg and started to walk from there along the Esplanade with a great view on the new Opera House (I am not so sure if I like the building or not if I am honest!) I past the Thorvaldsen Museum and the Gefion water fontain and got on a small bridge in that park full of flowering trees. What a great view!! That must be hyggelig!

Is that hyggelig?

Just a short walk from there I reached the goal of my walking tour this afternoon: The little Mermaid! I couldt really see her this morning from the boat as she is really tiny and soo famous that she is so surrounded from all the tourists. However I also wanted a selfie with her and I was successful! Look:

That was the view on her from the boat this morning!
My selfie with little Mermaid!

I was very pleased when I was done with my pictures I must confess. It´s not very hyggelig there! Lots of tourist and not very respectful. Some even tried to get on top of her!

After that I took the bus back to the city center and you would not believe it as soon as we came close to the main train station it started to pour down!! I got wet to my bones and was very very pleased that the day itself was really nice and sunny! I finished the day off with a really nice and delicious dinner at Frk Barners Kaelder restaurant close by my hotel. That place deserves the description: hyggelig!

At the hotel bar I read the following two great articles from Manrepeller and BBC about Hygge:;

In some moments I think I found it during my visit. Let´s continue the search on the next day!

Have a good night and bye for now,

Yours Ina T. 🙂

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