#The best is yet to come! :-) – a view on my year 2019 …

So my friends, first of all I wish you all a very happy New Year!! I hope you had a good New Year´s Eve and you are looking forward to the coming year!

Someone did the tarot cards for 2019 for me and I thought I would share them with you and then see at the end of the month what from prediction for that month happened and came true. What do you think? It will also give me some focus on those predictions ….

Here you go … these are my cards:

The card for the entire year is the Force, force to fight with the lion, not being scared and anxious, to tackle the year actively ….
For each month it´s then:

  • January: A card which tells that an illusion I lived in will get dissolved, the clouds or fog are the illusion
  • February: Here it is the card of the Queen of the swords. The clouds are also on that card, so it is in connection with January, it´s in the bottum but the Queen sit´s already upright, the sword to the heaven, it´s the month of getting it under control whilst the dust is moving away
  • March: A card with a summer party, some celebration maybe that I got it all cleared up, the relax and enjoy
  • April: The card of the loving ones or the one who felt out of the paradise …. So I will see! Currently I will believe in the first interpretion
  • May: “The ruler” or the King stand for the power, so will be a very powerful month with lot´s of influence
  • June: This card tells that I will be kind of a winner of something in this month, maybe get an award
  • July: That card is a bit like someone sneacking off in a maybe in an unfair manner, maybe from a situation
  • August: On that card you can see a women enjoying the harvest of her hard work before, so again some relaxation and rest after intensive times
  • September: The next card fits nicely to the former one. The card is called “The Temperance”. Trying to get things in balance, not to fight for the best, be happy with what I have achieved, look after myself …
  • October: The guy is standing on a wall, high up, holding the earth in the hand and looking from a distance on it all, so again maybe finding a new perspective on things, putting things into perspective, evaluate things in life differently
  • November: The Magician with lot´s of tools to let magic happen, another powerful card
  • December: Finally the female “Ruler” again, with lot´s of power for something new and the new journey after the times of rebalancing

You can see that on many cards there is also the infinity symbol and there are many cards with strenght, power, force. So all in all it should be a very good and powerful 2019 for me! 🙂 I look forward to it and will share with you how it all goes ….

Best Ina T.

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