#MyTubeDiary – Vol 5

25th January 2019 – A “couple” sitting opposite eachother, holding eachothers hands …..

He: “You know, I think we could now stand to that we both are in a relationship!”

She: “Oh no, I don´t think so! If they would know it the would really freak out ….”

He: “Mmmhh – maybe – however I am also now officially split from her! And they know that we meet eachother for coffee from time to time ….”

She: “Yes, but have a think about! What would they do and how would they react when they would know that we are a couple? Especially if they would see usin the village she lives?”

He: “Oh yes! You are right!! This should not happen at all!! She would be furious! Also her family and friends!! If we would get our groceries there I only could help you to carry your water and your bags to the car, just as friends but definitly not kiss or exchange caresses!”

She: “You see!! That´s the reason why I also don´t want to be mentioned regarding the emergency situation and the night at the hospital when I helped you.”

He: “Ok! I will see how I can leave that out!” ……. “But I love you!!” … “And I want to be with you!!”

She: “That is ok! I know that! However I don´t want to get involved in all the personal and emotional fights!” …. “I don´t want to be personally attacked from her and them.”

He: “I understand! ….. let me see how I can handle the situation! I had blocked her number on my phone but maybe I need to change that. Someone needs to explain to me how I can block and unblock her so that in an emergency situation she could call me but when she goes crazy again and gets on my nerves I can block her again!”

She: “Does she have your adress and landline phone number??? Why?? If that is the case then it is over with us!!! I can´t deal with you are meeting your exwife again!!”

He: “No, no!! She does have my mobile phone number …. I know, I know!! Believe me, I would never ask you to understand that I am approaching my wife again!! I really love you and want to live with you!!”

She: “I understand! But at the moment I have to hide and always understand that she is still part of your life ….. ” …. “That is not very rewarding and doesnt feel great …..”

He: “I know my sweetheart!! It will not be for ever, just for the moment. It would kill her. You know that she is mentally not that well and I feel guilty that I have left her …..”

She: “Ok ……”

He: “Will you come to the hospital later again?”

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