Giant Waterfalls – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The last stop of my safari was then Zimbabwe – the third country and the third border control. This one was particular interesting however we didnt ask many questions and made it very quickly. We got picked up at our Lodge in Chobe and the driver dropped us at the border control, carried our backpacks through the other side of the border whilst we did our paper work and another car picked us up on Zimbabwe side. Our Lodge was AMAZING!! Shearwater Explorer Villages

Really nice people and a very nice location, centrally located in Vic Falls. The perfect last stay to finish our wonderful trip. We got there around lunch time and started with a quick lunch before we went on our tour to the giant waterfalls – to the Victoria Falls at 2pm. Good timing to also see a rainbow over the falls ….

We also got a glimpse of the Sambesi Bridge at the end of the walk:

We finished out last day with a very delicious dinner and some cocktails and celebrated our great trip, remebered our most worrying moments and our highlights on the tour.

After breakfast the next morning we strolled along the streets, walk in the city and did some shopping also at the local craft markets and tested our negotiation skills. 🙂 And we had a proper coffee after so many days with Amarula. What I really can recommend is the Shearwater Cafe the Elephants Walk

After a quick lunch at the Craft Beer place we had to leave . Our transport to the airport was scheduled for 2pm. Our flight from Vic Falls to Nairobi and then back to Europe started at 5pm. When we arrived they informed us that all their computer system was down and that they had to check us in manually and with handwritten documents. Nairobi was a bit of a mess, very crowded, dirty and lot´s of people around me are on the phone blaming that someone had stolen the money … So I was very happy when with an hour delay the airplane to europe started. And guess what? My backback didnt make it to the final destination … not really a surprise! But with 12 hours delay I got him.

Three exciting weeks later I was back home. With lot´s of dirty clothes, 1700 picture and soooo many unforgetable memories and experience in Africa. I can already tell it wasnt the last visit in Africa.

So, I might write a little summary the next couple of weeks with helpful tipps and also with my key take aways and thoughts about the country, the tour, the people, my own observations and conclusions …. Let´s see.

For now I hope you enjoyed my travel report a bit and look forward to welcome you later again on my blog.

Yours Ina T.

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