“The Frog and the Princess”

A fairy tale in free arrangement by Ina T. after Brothers Grimm

In the old days, where the wish still helped, a princess lived. She was abundantly gifted with miraculous gifts such as virtue, beauty, wisdom, kindness, and prudence, but she was different from other girls. She had other interests and lived in seclusion, she did not trust other people and she was often on her own. She especially liked to ponder in the large forest near the castle. In the forest, under an old linden tree was a well. When the day was quite hot, the king's child went out into the forest and sat at the well, and took a golden ball, threw it up, and caught it again. She enjoyed nature, the silence, used the time to think and talked to herself. She also retreated to her favorite spot when she was sad and misunderstood.

Now it happened once, when she once again quarreled with her situation, that she heard a voice behind her. She looked around where the voice came from and saw a frog reaching out its thick, ugly head out of the water. She had often watched the frog and thought to herself: "The simple, cheeky, nasty frog who sits in the water among his peers and quacks and can not be a human being, he is cold and slippery." But now brought the frog with her a few everyday, nice stories to laugh! More and more often in the following weeks she came to the well and hoped to find the frog. More and more these meetings became an integral part of her daily routine and she was always looking forward to talking to him - about the profound, the everyday, the trivial, the cheerful and the personal. The frog, too, sometimes seemed cheerful, sometimes sad, sometimes trusting and sometimes in distance.

It came to pass that the frog and the princess got to know each other better and came closer. She completely forgot that she had once found the frog ugly and disgusting and locked it in her heart. She invited him to come with her to her castle. But she seemed to have scared the frog. He did not come to the well as usual to chat with her. Very sadly she waited day by day, if he might not come back someday. She missed the frog, who was so smart, thoughtful, funny, exhausting and lovable. She wondered why he did not come back. He should know how important he had become to her. Or did not he know that? Had she failed to show him that? Weeks later she had to realize that he had probably found another well as a new apartment and made other people happy. Unhappy and a little angry with him, she went back to her castle and was no longer seen in her favorite forest.

The next day, when she sat down to dinner with the king and all the courtiers and ate their golden plate, there came, with a splash, a splash of splatter, crept up the marble staircase a little, and when it reached the top, there was a knock Door and shouted, "King's daughter, open me!" She ran and wanted to see who was outside, but when she opened, the frog sat in front of it. She hastily closed the door and sat back down at the table. She was undecided. Although she was looking forward to seeing him again, she feared that he would simply disappear again. By knocking it a second time and shouting, "King's daughter, open me. She went and opened the door when the frog hopped in hesitantly. He always followed her on the foot, up to her chair. There he sat and cried, "Get me up to you."

When the frog was first in the chair, he wanted to go to the table, and as he sat there, he said, "Now push your golden plate closer so that we can eat together." The frog tasted it good. At last he said: "I ate my fill and am tired, now put me in your silken bed, and we will go to sleep." The princess did not dare to touch him. Would the frog again shrink from "too much attempted proximity"? "Wait, wait, take me with you," the frog said. Then she grabbed him carefully, carried him up and set him on the floor. When she was in bed, he came crawling and said: "I'm a haunted prince, you have to throw me on the wall, so I can transform myself back!" Pretty brutal ... But what if you do nothing? - Such a frog prince! You do not run into that every day ... But what if it's not right? Should she risk it? The frog just wants to jump out the door, then she takes him and throws him ..... How to continue? 

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