2nd half of 2019 started – July reflections of my Tarot predictions…

  • For July I had a card which said a bit like someone sneaking off in an unfair manner, maybe from a situation

Very interesting to read that now! I think the card was not talking about me! There was a situation in July in which I was treated in an unfair manner … I did apply for another job and the entire application process worked out really great and I was really hoping to get the job and just found out in mid July that the candidate (btw a male candidate)for the role was already kind of selected and the entire process was just entertained to feign an transparent process and to wait till the external hire excepted the offer. And all the Senior Managers were sneaking away …..

Well, what shall is say! I think it’s a sign that something much better is coming along my way ….. let’s hope!

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