#MyTubeDiary Vol 10

A daughter and her dad are traveling with the Tube.

„I really don’t understand why we couldn’t stay there! I finally found a seat in the shade I could sit down and relax ….“

„Because I didnt like the location and they had nothing I wanted to eat, Dad! There a tons of places just some stops from here! Why did you want just to take the first place?“

„As i just wanted to sit down and have a rest! And honestly I would have found something to eat! Don‘t understand why we couldnt just stay there!“

„Thats so typical for you! Always very selfish! As long as you can sit down it doesnt matter if I like the place or not! It’s always about you only!“

„I can really not understand what your problem is!“

„Ok Dad! I had enough now! If you don’t get what I am on about I am really done! Let’s get of the train and go back to our car! I am not in the mood for spending even more time with you!“


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