#Discover the City – Hamburg

I really do LOVE Hamburg! It’s a really cool City up in the north of Germany and with lots of different interesting things you could do. I am visiting Hamburg quite frequently as I do have also some friends over there. So here are my personal tipps for you:

Speicherstadt and Elbphilharmonie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speicherstadt


Nearby is also the opportunity to relax with a special Tea Time at Messmer! https://www.messmer-momentum.de/

Karoviertel is another great area of Hamburg to explore. https://www.hamburg.com/residents/neighbourhoods/11751156/karoviertel/

I also really recommend to stroll along the Lange Reihe, St. Georg. It’s very close by the Main Train Station. https://www.hamburg.com/residents/neighbourhoods/11750518/st-georg/

And the last quartier I would like to highlight is the Schanzenviertel https://www.hamburg.com/residents/neighbourhoods/11751068/schanzenviertel/

If you want to gather some inside tipps and some special photo locations I can strongly recommend to follow Frau Elbville also on Instagram http://hamburg-companion.com/

If you like Jazz – you need to visit that Jazzfestival! „ELBJAZZ“ … it also allows you to visit some concerts in the Elbphilharmony 😎 https://www.elbjazz.de/en/home

I only want to highlight two very different accommodations here. The first one is The Rilano Hotel Hamburg. Perfectly located at the Elbe with a great view on all the crossing boats and ships! So if you are a Boat lover you must go there. It’s a bit more outside however it’s really easy to get the shuttle boats over. https://www.rilano-hotel-hamburg.de/?utm_source=Google_Business&utm_medium=Website

The others one is more like a Bed & Breakfast location. Very cosy and nice. It’s called „Das kleine Schwarzehttps://das-kleine-schwarze.com/

And finally here a random collection of coffee places and restaurants I liked:
Café Koppel https://cafekoppel.de/
Frank & Frei https://ahoihamburg.net/frank-und-frei-sternschanze/
Speisekammer Hamburg https://hamburg-speisekammer.de/

Restaurante Porto https://porto.hamburg/ (You need to book a table!!)
Carls Brasserie https://carls-brasserie.de/
Das Feuerschiff https://www.das-feuerschiff.de/
Stricker‘s Kehr Wieder Spitze http://www.kehr-wieder-spitze.de/

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