5 times 5: Short Love Stories Vol 1

Small scenes, observations, excerpts, excerpts of large texts, which may become the starting point for new stories when reading. A lot of it is fantasy, some things are written off, everyone can grow and write in between … A game for all those interested and those who enjoy small stories! Enjoy and please do jump in and write in between, add new love stories and and and …

Ina T.

Sometimes she remembers her first falling in love at school. She was sitting next to a good looking boy, very cool and smart at the same bench during class. She adored him from the distance and got quite nervous during day and she was day dreaming … Nobody else was sitting at mixed benches so it felt very special and everyone was starring and looking at them. One day in the art class they had to draw their bench neigbours and for that put the heads on a piece of paper and circle the head with a pen to draw the outline. Her fingers were wet and she was sweating.

Raymond and Nicole met eachother after a cinema night. Both had been watching the end credits of a film at the arthouse cinema and when both got up from their seats they started a casual conversation which ended in a drink together at the bar next door.

Some years ago Julia met Harvey in her working city. He was on a project assignment there. He was 49 years old, split from his wife after more then 20 years of marriage, had 4 kids and lived in a house with his family up north. As he was self employed he travelled around the country depending on new clients and new projects. When they met eachother in the summer he was still in the middle of the divorce and the battle about the house and the money. After a couple of texts and some calls they got on a date in a very traditional casual restaurant. He was obviosly very nerveous but seemed to relax over time. Before they went home they did a little walking tour and kissed eachother first time which was really nice and sweet.

Carl and Rebecca went on a first date. After a little stroll through the sourroundings the ended up in a nice alternative cafe and ordered something to drink and a light meal. There were not many people in that cafe on that evening as a stranger walked into the place and choose a table and seat really very close to the chair of Carl. Rebecca thought by herself what a strange move that was and very suspicious. It was just gut feeling that she very unpolitely interrupted Carl in is self monologue and asked him if he would have any valuables in the pocket of his jacket. So he checked and she could see that the guy just behind Carl noticed what she asked him ….. Rebecca put the wallet of Carl next to her and focused again on her date.

Thomas met a girl online. Her name was Laura. They exchanged a couple of emails and enjoyed the “conversation” with eachother. So after some time he suggested to finally meet eachother in person. However he worked on day and night shifts and she worked quite long hours a day. So it was challenging to find a suitable date. But they continued to find a joint appointment. Weeks passed and it didnt work out. Then she saw some pictures on Facebook. Thomas with his best mates … in her town …. on a public holiday … having a beer! So he obviously had time for that and was even kind of next door to her and didnt even mentioning it to her?!

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