5 times 5: Short Love Stories Vol 2

Small scenes, observations, excerpts, excerpts of large texts, which may become the starting point for new stories when reading. A lot of it is fantasy, some things are written off, everyone can grow and write in between … A game for all those interested and those who enjoy small stories! Enjoy and please do jump in and write in between, add new love stories and and and …

Ina T.

It took her a while to realise what was wrong with Frank. Both had met eachother in summer and went on some dates. She found his emotional ups and downs slightly irritating. One day he was very affectionated and then the other day it was like she would speak to someone different. He cooked dinner for her and then the other day he cancelled the date. As he had a wine studio he obviously loved drinking wine. Some evenings he finished a whole bottle of wine nearly by himself. She also spotted that in the bathroom the mouthwash was running low very quickly ….

She was very nervous! She was waiting for her first blind date! She had met Clay through a dating platform and both didn’t want to be guided by the visual impressions, but rather to discover themselves. They were very aware of the risk that they might be disappointed. They also knew that you usually perceive your date with all your senses and then within seconds often decide whether you like the person and want to get to know each other or not, maybe even feel attracted to each other and it crackles and tingles …. Since they had not met them at the supermarket or in a bar or on business trips, they had tried online platforms and quickly found the behavior to be extremely sobering as when browsing a catalogue. Now she stood here and waited, after many chats, long, very personal and intimate emails with a lot of depth and a phone call to experience the voice of the other. Would they be able to “smell” eachother and also find eachother visually attractive? She knew Clay was as excited as she was! He was worried that she had taken pictures of him in his head that he couldn’t keep in reality, bringing the beautiful get-to-know-you phase to an abrupt end. A lot of them had both tried to find out about themselves and vote before the first date, but there is no substitute and no guarantee for the first personal impression ….

Her first impression was that Alex actually had to be quite rich, which he obviously tried to hide. He wore very valuable and good clothes and was very educated. The evening with him was very entertaining and inspirational, so they arranged again, because his strategy was not to invite a woman to dinner immediately, but to check her out for a drink first. They said goodbye to each other, he had allegedly left his Porsche at his home and had walked. On the second date, she noticed his penchant for aesthetics and his self-love in his body and she always imagined what it would be like to have sex with such a person … (The dents on the legs, the little belly rolls and all the little blemishes that a female body just gets over the years, while he probably looks at himself in the mirror, what a great pike he is) … After a few months they met again by chance on the tube, he on his way to Switzerland, she to go to work. Somehow he had changed? The clothes showed clear signs of use, the expensive shirts wiped off, no Rolex anymore. Did you think there was ever a Porsche?

She took some lessons to play the flute. Her teacher was in the mid twenties whils she was in her teenage age. Every week she went one afternoon to the music school. she was still a bit naiv and a bit childlike. The closer she got to her last year at Highschool she had not much time left to continue with her lessons. So she cancelled the music school. On her last lesson her teacher past on a little book from Karl Valentin. At home she saw that he also left a personal message on the first page to remember her Teacher.

The passionate relationship: Their attraction to each other is strong and the flame of passion boils high. Constant squatting and boring TV evenings on the sofa are not for you. You are both more party-goers, It draws you out of the familiar home and you want to experience something. Your life plan is unconventional, you don’t necessarily want a family, but want to live out your freedom. It is a constant balancing of proximity and distance, of freedom and security – it never gets boring for you. If you get too tight, you may break down your tents and withdraw completely. That it crashes from time to time is part of it. Their love for each other is deep and honest despite all the gimmicks.

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