5 times 5: Short Love Stories Vol 3

Small scenes, observations, excerpts, excerpts of large texts, which may become the starting point for new stories when reading. A lot of it is fantasy, some things are written off, everyone can grow and write in between … A game for all those interested and those who enjoy small stories! Enjoy and please do jump in and write in between, add new love stories and and and …

Ina T.

Basically, they got along quite well. Both single, both of similar age, a few common interests … But somehow the spark didn’t really want to jump between the two. Neither really knew why! Somehow something like friendship with benefits developed. “So the years went by, they had more contact every now and then, then they lost themselves again, found that they were somehow lonely and tried to get in touch with each other again. The years past, both of them got older and at some point it was not enough for her anymore. Maybe it was too much non-binding, too little willingness to compromise? that it had not worked out with a steady relationship? One day he got in touch with a girl and started a relationship with her. This girlfriend needed his help and he felt needed by her! Something that she had never wanted. She wanted to be independent and a partnership on an equal footing. Anyway, his relationship still didnt work out. And the cycle between the two started again, only this time it was clear: it should only be friendship and no more “benefits”.

It was a passionate summer with lots of talking and laughing. They were good for each other! He had two daughters who lived with him after the divorce and she was a professionally successful woman who was traveling a lot. Somehow, they had met a few years earlier, but although the crackling and tingling between you was strong, it hadn’t really worked at the time. He didn’t want a steady relationship and she was actually looking for a steady relationship. However, they had never forgotten their encounter and somehow in this hot summer it suddenly fitted … they enjoyed the time together and as I said, they did each other very well in a difficult phase! She knew that he still didn’t want a steady relationship (and yes: she knew that in the “male language” meant: He didn’t want a relationship with HER), but still fell in love with him and had the inner hope that but it could somehow result in a solid relationship. He was an exciting guy with whom she also learned a lot about herself. It was all the harder and more surprising when a Saturday evening he sent her a message that the agreed meeting on Sunday would be her last …

My first love letter in my life -and I was crying! My parents were completely overwhelmed and no longer understood the world. I was 14 and kinda naive and childish about boys. It ended abruptly with this love letter and that was probably the reason for my tears, although I was not aware of it at the moment. We had met when my parents visited his parents and spent the afternoon and evening together. He was the same age and had interpreted more into the afternoon than I had.

He loved the stars and the open air nights. was constantly traveling and looking for himself … His three children, who were with his wife, who was separated from him, were particularly close to his heart. But somehow something was missing in his life, a certain emptiness remained, although on the other hand he didn’t really want to commit himself. He was still looking for his destiny professionally, lived in a provisional accommodation for a long time before he wanted to commit himself a little more, at least locally. Always in transit, he then tried to meet exciting and interesting women, loved the late hour and usually only had time for short visits. A storyteller … After a totally messed up date, he tried very hard that the lady of interest should give him a second chance. However, it took a few years until the second chance came. In the meantime, the separation and divorce were also completed, the contact with his children, some of whom were now almost adults, was at different intensities and something had changed about him, his eyes glazed, the moods fluctuating ….

It was his last school year. The school graduation was imminent. And somehow he hadn’t managed to speak to his secretly adored girl and ask for a date last year. He still hoped for an opportunity to speak to her. But it came as it had to come, the high school exams were over, the celebrations had finished and he still had only admired her from the far. Still, he couldn’t forget her and went to the trouble of looking up her last name in the list of the telephone register of the town and called all the phone numbers in the directory and asked for her. At some point he finally had her on the phone! He excitedly asked her if she would want to meet him and have an ice cream with him. A bit flattered and full of appreciation for how much effort he had put into finding her, she agreed. The afternoon was nice, but also a bit stiff and schematic, He asked her all the classics of a first date 🙂 “What music do you listen to?”, which books do you read? “, which films do you like?” and so on …. A real conversation somehow didn’t come up. But he found her so great, hung on her lips and went straight after the date to get a card and to select a huge bouquet of flowers that would be delivered to her the next day with the card in which he confessed his love to her.

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