October press snapshots …

Who binds to whom? Dialectic of Power – Empty shelves and gas stations – Play it again, Chris! – You don’t play along! – “I want to challenge the people!” – The look of tomorrow – If you hesitate too long, you will go under – The influencers – Nothing is subtle here – Infinite fun – Now take it easy! – Once upon a time in Italy – Almost gone with the wind – “Many are exhausted!” – Search for the lost form – Two were one too many – Fight for the best seats – The Brexit chaos – The colorful provocation – One step back into the past – “Artificial intelligence is now taking us by leaps and bounds!” – The clever gut feeling – “Climate protection means saving money” – Before the end of the flood of money – Against the mainstream – Fireworks of vanities – “In the end he was always right” – No more empty phrases – “Just me. Yes, me alone.” – Just like a Rolling Stone – It’s not going smoothly – Well, where are you playing? – On the situation of the weather – There will be a tomorrow – My own low – Hundred years: Coffee, cake and loneliness – Facebook versus research – The littering of the world – “Cookie terror” – The loner – With your head elsewhere – Westerns were yesterday – Analogue to the future – Initially failed – “I have not lost faith in the good” – “Yes, moving!” – “And still you have to decide!” – About trees and people – We knew we could do it! – “A proper job is important” – “Cringe” – Shame can be liberating – The big cross-off list – Seductive deficit – We have to do more! – No time for multitasking – Metaverse – Turn it up! – Dangerous egoism – Beautifully invisible – I don’t care about the name – Doomed to manipulate? – The start is tough – The crux of individuality

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