Last day in Copenhagen and still not decided about the hygge mood …

I woke up to my last day in Copenhagen and wouldn´t believe it: A really sunny and very warm day was waiting for me! The wind had stopped so that the sun could really warm up the city. As it was a Monday not many places were open for visitors to I decided to go first to Frederiksborg Castle and stroll through the park. I really lovely and relaxing place lots of space and fresh air and a stunning view! I took some nice selfies which I will show you in a minute.

I had read in my copenhagen guidebook that there would be a tree full of dummies! And I finally found it!! Look here:

2018-04-29 11.57.06

This is probably also a bit of the hygge feeling – having some funny places!

After that I went back to the city to explore a bit the shopping side of life in Copenhagen. I havent been at Stroget and Stradet so far. So I started with Stroget first and walked the shopping street from one end to the other and was not very impressed by it. It was very crowed, noisy and apart from maybe the Lego Store and the museum of the Guiness Book of world records there was nothing really special to other cities!


I walked up the Rundetarn and enjoyed the 360 degrees view. I definitely recommed to go up there. It´s not really hard to get up and really great!

I also went to the largest shopping center “Illum” which is very nice. Again it´s not so much different to other shopping center but the restaurants and coffee places and the roof terrace is special and the food and drinks are really good quality! So worse to go and take a break upstairs!

After the little break and the great coffee at the Original Coffee place Original Coffee Illum I felt refreshed and walked to Christiansborg Castle to see the last left castle of the City.

As it was closed I could only see the main entrance area and be stunned from that impressive building! And I watched the horse exercises for a bit. Next time I need to plan my activities a it more wisely and do everything I want to see from the insight on all others days but NOT Mondays.

I walked back strolled through Stradet which is far more nicer then Stroget! Lots of nice small restaurant, life music locations, cafés and bars. Again a hyggelig street!

It was already late in the day so I decided to go back to the hotel and find a nice dinner location for my last evening in Copenhagen. On my way back I stopped briefly at Christian Anderson sculpture and the Tivoli to take some photos:

For dinner I went to Madklubben Vesterbro Madklubben Vesterbro and was really lucky to get a table or shall I better say a seat at the Openkitchen counter. What a nice location and what a delicious menu! The perfect place for my last evening!! I ordered the special seasonal drink and a two course menue. Whilst I was waiting I had a sip of my cocktail and reflected about my impressions from the city and if I think I found out what hygge means ….. well, I think it depends on what someone would understand by hygge. If it is more the very simple straight design which you can find in furniture, ceramics etc – this is for sure there and at least special for all north european countries. Hyggelige parts of a city I think are nearly in every city so I would not say that this is sooo special for Copenhagen. For me as a coffee addict I was very pleased to find so many nice coffee places and I really like the good looking and delicious sweets and cakes, People in general are similiar stressed as in other places of the world so I would not say per se that danish people are more relaxed. So overall I think it depends on yourself if you feel hyggelig or not and what you make out of it! Having had half of my cocktail I felt already very hyggelig particular at this nice place and I really enjoyed my dinner!

Hygge – the danish everyday philosophy describes a state of a deeply satisfying well-beings! Warm candlelights, sociable evenings, good food, celebrating the moment will lead to a feeling of wonderful security and happiness! I read im World Happiness report that Denmark was again selected as the most happiest country of the earth. Hans Christian Andersen said: “The world is not so bad you just have to take it.! So take your time, find a compensation to your everyday work and be HYGGE!

To finish off my May theme here is finally a link to some sounds of hygge: Sound of Hygge!

Have a hyggelig night and a wonderful weekend”

Yours Ina T.

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