The citytrip continues! Day 3 in Copenhagen ….

Hello again! I know: I owe you the next post about my third day in Copenhagen. So let´s continue before May is over and I am picking a new theme for June. And just to mention: Day 3 started really sunny to my surprise! I was really brave and decided to leave my rain coat in the hotel and went off to a visit of Christiania – free Christiania. I am sure I dont need to tell you what Christiania is, right? As soon as I walk in I was fascinated from all the pieces of street art and I didnt know where to look first! The rest of that hippie commune is really great! I found a cute rabbit ad an dinosaur, I saw the border to enter the EU and a ice cream cone and the closer I came to the main street of Christiana I could smell some sweet smoke …… and beyond that point there are NO photos allowed! Some people are really stressed about it and not chilled if you touch your phone or camera!! But before and after that street it is a really nice place, lot´s of artists, designer and very interesting people –  thought: That could be hyggelig!! Well, it depends I guess …. I really enjoy thos areas and dont feel stressed but maybe other people would feel different. Take a look at some of the pics I took (no selfie though) 🙂

The border …

As the weather was really nice, warm and sunny I decided to stroll along to my next “attraction” – to Rosenborg Castle! I walk along the canal´s towards Inderhavensbroen not sure if the former Street food market would still be there as I found in all my guides very mixed messages. Some are highlighting this as a must see place other wrote that it´s taken down to make space for new buildings and that it will re appear in summer this year. The closer I came the corner I could see that it is taken down! However I got a good view on the new Royal Opera House. The cyclist and pedestrian bridges were going up and down to give space to some yachts. Whilst I was waiting I realized that the cyclists are not really relaxed and chilled in that City! The crowd on the street and the jingelingeling when you put one foot on their parts of the street isnt hyggelig at all! It adds another layer of complexity into the traffic! Maybe copenhagens cyclist have already optimized their ride as it is raining quite often and they want to get home as fast and effecient as possible and have therefore no time to enjoy the ride? Whatever it is: the cyclists do not understand fun! After I managed to cross the bridge and I walked along Nyhavn but this time on the other side I took a little break in one of the bicyle baskets ….

… and continued my tour towards Rosenborg Castle and the Park. And I would really recommend to read the great blog article Stroll by Rosenborg — sethsnap!

Rosenborg Slot
… closer …

I left Rosenborg on the other side and continued towards the Botanical Garden. The city has lots of green spaces and I really enjoyed the sun and I decided to indulge one of my addictions here (which thankfully the local people also enjoy: my addiction to strong and dark coffee, espressi, cappuchini … you name it! I found a Coffee truck in the Garden and took a little break.

After that I felt fit enough to explore the city centre a bit more! I decided to finish my day off with the Latiner Kvatier! And I was really excited!! What a nice part of the City. Coffee place, bars, restaurants, fashion & design shops, bookshops, lots of Churches and nice places and colorful houses. The first time I had an unlimited Hygge feeling!! People sitting outside enjoying a drink or an coffee! And I found some books dedicated to Hygge 🙂 Very cheerful I walked back to the Hotel. And guess what: as soon as I arrived the rain started! How lucky!

I decided to have dinner at that great restaurant: Plectrum

With a glass of beer at the Bar I was thinking about the day and the many impressions I got. So I will also leave you now with that question in the blog article: “What does hygge mean for you?” And I promise I will share my summary at the end of my trip on day 4 ….



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