Curtain on: “The nordic friendlyness!”

I just came back from my holiday trip in Sylt – a small little island with great beaches far in the the north of Germany. It was really nice and relaxing even though the weather was very mixed. After a couple of good days I had 6 days in a row with lot´s of strong wind, rain and it was cold and miserable. So I couldn´t spent so much time on the beach then expected. However I go the opportunity to explore a bit more the surroundings, go into the shops and the cinema, went to the Spa and the sauna, did long walks on the beach, had some coffee & cake, read my book …. so all in all very relaxing!

I really like being in the north! I can very quickly switch off and recover from my everyday´s stress. To listen to the noise of the sea and the seabirds, feel the wind on my skin is really relaxing! I also like this endless view over the sea. A really good place is the Beach House Beach House Sylt. The food and drinks are really good, the staff very nice and friendly and you can enjoy the great view wrapped in a warm and cosy blanket! Another cool spot directly on the beach is the best place for fresh fish dishes Gosch am Strand or if you are up for a great waffle I can recommend that place also on the esplanade of Westerland “Friends Bistro”!

One thing on what I have to adjust each time again is the norhtern friendlyness! Some would call it nordic coolness or even more drastic: nordic rudeness. It always hit´s me as at least we as visitors or tourists are kind of securing also some of their income. So for example the staff at the bakery I usually get my buns and rolls for breakfast is really rude to people. Same could happen at the grocery shops or when I was rented a beach chair for the day. So you are better not too sensitive if you are goind up to the north of Germany. I guess they cannot get out of their skin and actually would love to be very sociable, helpful and kind to their clients 😉

Let me know if you ever want to got to Sylt. I might have some suggestions what to do and what to see ….


Ina T.


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