Hilarious stories of my life no 2: The lost luggage ….!

You might have already realized that from time to time I do experience some hilarious stories. So today I want to share another one which happened just recently to me after one of my business trips to London.

It was late in the evening when I arrived back home at the airport (I think I caught the last flight from London City that evening). The plane landed far out somewhere at the airport and we took the taxi the the airport building with the bus. By the time I passed security, went to the ladies and walked all way down the airport and got to the luggage belt there were only a couple of luggages left. I easily spotted already from the distance my grey samsonite luggage which I just lifted from the belt, walked out, got into a cab . So all in all an hour after arrival I was at home.

As it was a really hot day my first thought was to check my balcony if some of the plants and flowers there would need some water. As I was really hungry I decided to prepare some late dinner and enjoy it on my balcony. When it got dark I moved inside and saw that my phone was flashing with a red light – someone had left me a voice message!

“Hello,” – a guy was introducing himself – “My brother might have taken your luggage from the belt instead of his own. He did also fly back from London City. It would be great if you could check and give us a call as soon as you can.” ….. whilst listening I also checked my mobile phone and saw that I received a couple of messages via Facebook messenger with the same content.

So I walked into my bedroom and opened the luggage (which I had dropped there and ignored so far). And yes! That was NOT my luggage. Instead of my beautyful clothes and shoes I found man stuff!! …. So I called them back, they were really apologatic. I said theat they don´t need to worry at all as I didnt realize I got the wrong luggage the past 2 hours and I had a very relaxing evening whilst they spent time to find me. I was really impressed that they managed to find me (and same time a bit shocked how easy it is to locate someone if you are really trying) as I had no adress label or anything else on my luggage! They obviously had called the airport first but they are not allowed to provide any personal data but had been able to tell them that no luggage was left and nobody claimed missing luggages. They found some of my personal notes and email printouts from some of the meetings I had on that day. From them they checked every person named on those documents in the internet and the only person not from London was me. So next they checked social medias and found me living in the surroundings and finally found my phone number and my facebook account ….. so lot´s of detective research!! They could make competition for Sherlock Holmes!!

It turned out that they are only 30 min away from me. So we agreed that they would drive over and we could exchange the luggages. By 10.30pm I got MY luggage finally and a bottle of white wine as an apology. I couldnt convince them at all that there was nothing to feel sorry about as I really had not one moment of panic, frustration or what so ever. I enjoyed my dinner not knowing that I had a wrong luggage with me!

So what´s the learning? First of all I put additional identification on my luggages which makes them unique! Secondly I am still in between if I should take out some information about me in social media as in my case it was really helpful that they could find me but could be bad in other circumstances. Lastly: Sometimes it is better to enjoy the evening then to worry to much about your tasks! 🙂 🙂

I am sure you could add some of your luggage stories?!


Ina T.

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